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"If an accident occurs and a negligent hiring lawsuit is filed because the employee was not properly screened, the worst feeling a General Manager or CEO can experience, is to open the employees file and find the plaintiff's case."

Staftrack, Inc. has provided background information on employees for the past 11 years. During this time we've developed techniques for faster more reliable retrieval, software for faster more economical access. we've built relationships with retrievers, county state and federal criminal justice agencies, municipalities, credit bureaus and educational Institutions. Let us show you how employee screening saves !

  Consider the Following !

Losses due to employee negligence, accidents, theft and fraud are increasing each year. Today's average cost of an accident involving worker's compensation is approximately $10,000! And don't forget the indirect losses your company may suffer; replacement costs, loss of goodwill, staff time and legal fees.

Staftrack was founded to help companies in their struggle to defend against losses arising from negligence, theft, fraud, D.O.T. audits and damages due to worker's compensation claims. Our personnel have experience helping over 1,200 corporations in their screening and data needs.

 The Staftrack Advantage !

Confidential Service

No setup fees

Free software

Free Modem Access

No minimum charge

No membership fees

No annual fees

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24 Hour Access

   Available "Reports":

MVR (Driving Records)   

Federal Criminal

Tenant Screening


State Criminal

Work History

Address Search County Criminal                       Worker's Compensation
Education National Criminal Database
     over 380 million records
Occupational /Professional
     License Verification
Workers Comp National Fugitive Active
     Wants & Warrent
Employment Verification

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