As an employer you require the most accurate, complete information you can get and although you need it fast, it must also be reliable and compete but at the same time comply with all current state and federal regulations. You also need a vendor that understands these needs.

Staftrack, Inc. is your Answer..!

We are dedicated to providing complete and verifiable data to our customers in full compliance with the current FCRA, GLB, IRSG and the Commercial Driver Privacy Protection Act. Our reports are designed to meet your specific needs. You pay only for the information you request, unlike other Information Providers. We can help you structure the right combination of reports and provide the customer support to help you understand them. We can help with reports that provide the right information for your hiring decision from your stockroom to your boardroom!


Services Available

   Employee Screening

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) Instant Driving Records (In 47 States 50 States available)

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) County and State Criminal Records

dotcheck6152.gif (1015 bytes) Nationwide Wants and Warrants Check

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) Consumer Credit Reports (requires release)

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) Education Verifications

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) Work Record Verifications

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) Workers Comp Records (Where Available)

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) Address Verifications

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) SSN Search

dotcheck3B5.gif (1015 bytes) SSN Verification

  Tennant Screening

dotcheck6152.gif (1015 bytes) Eviction Record Check

dotcheck6152.gif (1015 bytes) Previous Tenant Inquiry

dotcheck6152.gif (1015 bytes) Credit Check

dotcheck6152.gif (1015 bytes) Nationwide Wants and Warrants Check

dotcheck6152.gif (1015 bytes) Work Verification


Free software available and free customer support you only pay for the reports you order...

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